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Wholesale Generators (Polished Crystal Points)

Real Crystal Points Polished for Healing, Meditation, and Ornamental Purposes

Raise your vibrations higher, or instantly touch up your space with these free-standing crystal generator points. StoneBridge Imports offers a wide variety of short to tall Crystal Generators for sale. These products were all cut and polished from quality rocks and crystals.

What are generator crystals?

Generators are natural crystals that were shaped and polished (either by hand or through a machine) to give them terminations and to improve their appeal. They have six equal sides or faces that meet at the tip of the termination.

What are generators used for?

There are many ways to use them, but polished crystal generators are typically used as energy tools in meditation and crystal rituals. They are said to amplify energies, radiate light, manifest intentions faster, and release positive energies to people and environments

People also use generators to complete a crystal grid (a geometric arrangement of various crystals to combine their powers) and effectively manifest their goals, intentions, and desires. A crystal point is placed at the center of the grid to activate other crystals and sealing intentions before sending them to the universe.

Generators are also used as decorative pieces because of their astonishing colour, shape, and inclusions. (Read more: Discovering the Power of Generator Crystals )

What are some popular generator crystals you recommend?

You can choose based on your intended purpose. But for starters, we recommend the following crystal points that are a hit among our customers:

Ready to shop? Check out our wholesale polished crystal points below. Click on each page to see the item you like up close.

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