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Expert Tips in Setting Up a Crystal Business

Expert Tips in Setting Up a Crystal Business

In the last couple of years, colourful and energetic crystals have become all the rage in the world of alternative healing and New Age spirituality. Crystal healing has been one of the most searched terms on Google in 2017.

More and more people have been using crystals to cleanse their lives and reconnect with nature's energy.

And speaking from experience, we've had one customer after another taking home our large crystal pieces to add mystical charm and positive energy to their spaces.

If these don't speak of the increasing interest in gemstones, we don't know what will! Considering this trend, it makes perfect sense if you wish to ride this cosmic wave and get into selling crystals yourself.

In fact, we've had many wannabe crystal resellers come to us to seek advice on how to set up their own shop. So in the spirit of sharing our knowledge, here are timeless recommendations we'd give to anyone who wants to get into the crystal gig.

1. Set your shop apart from the rest.

The crystal industry is packed with hundreds of crystal shops asserting their novelty and uniqueness. With all these existing shops vying for the customers' attention, it's imperative that you differentiate your brand and stay ahead of the pack. This way, your customers will easily notice and remember you.

Here are some things you can do to set yourself apart from the competition:

Impress your customers at every opportunity. Your customers' experiences have a direct impact on their perception of your brand and business as a whole. And a pleasant experience contributes to brand loyalty. When distinguishing your brand from others, use every touchpoint of your business to impress your customers.

Offer quality products. Go out of your way to help your customers get that one crystal they've been looking for. Provide them with rich information about the crystals they're interested in. Teach customers how to use your products and infuse the power of crystals into their lives. Strive to provide real value to your customers!

  • Share your story. Customers love it when a brand connects with them. One way to connect with your customers is by telling your story, your mission, values, how your business came to be, and your goals. Articulate your story and be authentic.
  • Be transparent. All information related to your products and your shop must be spelled out clearly on your website. This includes your pricing (without hidden charges), shipping fees, contact information, business hours, etc. Also, be really transparent in all your communications with your customers to gain their trust.
  • Make things easy. Another important strategy to differentiate your business from other shops is to make purchasing crystals as easy as ABC. From browsing through your selection to checking out, the shopping experience must have no friction. Also, make it easy for people to understand how to use your products, connect with your brand, and see value in doing business with you.

2. Know your niche.

Understanding your niche is the first (and vital!) step to marketing and selling your product to them. An in-depth knowledge of their needs, interests, problems, and the solutions they're looking for will help you nail down your unique selling proposition (USP) and position your product to the right people. And when you do, you get to carve your place in the market.

Here's how to do that:

  • Conduct market research. Think of your broader market and the specific group of customers from this market that you want to serve. Dig into the details of your intended customers to arrive at key insights.

Details like the size of your market, who your ideal customers are, where they are, what they like to buy, why they buy it, and their income level will help you personalize your marketing messages and better connect with your audience.

  • Analyze your competition. Evaluate the crystal shops that sell to the market segment you want to serve. Know what keywords they use in their website. Understand what marketing tactic they use, the kind of content they produce, and even the language they use to speak to their audience.

Analyzing your competition lets you figure out what works and what isn't. You'll detect content gaps that you can use to inform your customers.

  • Talk to your customers. Conducting a quick survey or interview with your customers can reveal valuable insights that will help you engage your audience better and in more meaningful ways. Ask them about what they think about your products. Ask them about their motivations and what they want to find more of in your shop.

As an incentive for sharing their insights, you can give customers a small discount for their next purchase or a gift to remember you by.

3. Create a strong brand identity.

Brand identity simply means the symbol or the visual representation of a brand. It consists of various visual elements: the wordmark or logo, typeface, shapes and lines, and colour scheme. Together, these elements form the mascot of your brand. A strong brand identity enforces a company's image and presence in a competitive industry.

These are the steps to develop a cohesive, consistent, and remarkable brand identity according to Hubspot:

  • Research on your target customers, USP, and competition. Your brand identity should resonate with your intended audience. Find out your target customers' problems and communicate how your products help solve these problems. Note that a beautiful logo and a witty company tagline don't have much impact if they don't convey how your business will address your customers' pain points.
  • Choose language and emotion that connect you to your audience. If your shop is casual and laid-back, be more conversational. If it's high-end, opt for a professional tone. Make sure your tone matches your brand's overall personality. Then integrate the language and emotion into your entire business.
  • Be clear and avoid mixed messages. Be direct. Know what to say when and say it with the appropriate language and visuals.

4. Polish your knowledge on crystals.

It's essential that you know every crucial detail of your product. Whether the customer is a crystal healer, yoga teacher, collector, or decorator, every customer that walks into your store is looking for a specific crystal to fill a particular need.

As the store owner, you should be able to provide them with sufficient knowledge about the stone's origin, properties, and benefits so they can make an informed choice.

When you're knowledgeable about these things, your customers will trust you and deem your store credible. The more people can vouch for your credibility, the more people will entrust their needs to you.

So read more about the different types of crystals, their properties, where they come from, and what they do metaphysically. Read books and articles. Talk to crystal experts. Learn how to do various crystal healing rituals. Better yet, distill your learning into printed or downloadable info sheets that your customers can get from your store or access on your website.


5. Build a solid online presence.

Develop your website

Your website is your online presence. It's the main space on the world wide web where your existing and potential customers can learn about your business and look at your products. You can build your own website using WordPress or Wix. These options are affordable and easy to use.

However, designing and building a website can take too much time. And an eCommerce site often requires the able hands of a web developer. If you lack the time and skills you create your website, you can hire a professional to do it for you.

Be active on social media

Once your website is live, link it to your social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok are the most common social media platforms for marketing and selling crystals. You can use all of these platforms to build your social media presence or select only one or two where your target audience are most active.

If your shop is for local customers in your area, list your business on online directories like Google My Business and Yelp. These pages help generate awareness among your intended customers. They ensure you're at the top of search results for crystal shops within your location.

6. Take stunning photos of your products.

We can't emphasize this enough: Shoot clear and vivid photographs of your crystals! Most (if not all) crystal consumers base their judgment on buying crystals on the quality of photos they see in your store. This is especially true for customers who aren't that familiar with certain crystals and those who choose their crystals based on their intuition and what sensations a crystal's image stir in them.

So ensure that your photos are appealing and professionally taken!

Below are some tips to nail your rock, gemstone, and mineral photography by The Arkenstone:

  • Highlight the most relevant features. These are clarity, colour, form, and crystal structure of the specimen. Then provide a detailed explanation in your product description.
  • Choose an angle that reveals the crystal's key features. When taking a photo of a crystal, play around certain orientations, play of shadows, photographic compositions, and zooming angles to focus on the specimen's defining feature.
  • Ensure good lighting. The light must be the correct temperature and the light source must be situated above the specimen. To diffuse the harshness of light, use a lighting diffuser. You can also use backlighting to reveal the inclusions, internal colour, or striking physical features of the crystal.
  • Use a plain background. A plain, contrasting background reduces distraction and promotes accurate representation of the specimen. Use a light background when photographing a crystal with a dark border (and vice-versa). This makes the specimen stand out. Most crystals appear clear and well-defined against a matte-finish paper in neutral colours (white, black, or gray).

7. Find a crystal supplier you can trust.

Half of your success depends on the kind of supplier you work with. As a general rule, your crystal supplier should be able to provide you with profitable products, supply your needs without delays, and meet the evolving needs of your growing business.

When it comes to sourcing crystals, keep these things in mind:

  • Research on your prospect suppliers. Are they legit? Do they have good customer reviews? Do they respond to customers promptly?
  • Ensure they sell ethically sourced products and support environmentally sustainable mining practices. They should be able to reveal the origin of their products.
  • Choose suppliers that offer high-quality products at competitive prices.
  • If you're ordering from a supplier online, make sure they send clear photos and videos of their products on your request.

Setting up your crystal biz from scratch shouldn't be that tough when you have a reliable wholesale supplier who has your back. Let us take care of your crystal supplies. When it comes to a steady supply of quality, profitable crystals of all shapes, sizes, and properties, Stonebridge Imports is the name you can count on. We've helped grow hundreds of small rock shops all over Canada since 2002.

Apply for a wholesale account today or send us a message if you have any questions.


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