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Facing Family Conflicts? Address Them with Healing Crystals

Facing Family Conflicts? Address Them with Healing Crystals

Family relationships aren't always smooth sailing. At times, several issues stemming from various factors arise. And these could drive a wedge between spouses, parents and children, or between siblings.

Arguments and misunderstandings are a normal part of everyday life. But if it's endangering your most important relationships, it's vital to take proactive steps to address the root of the problem with great care and attention.

One way to do this is to use healing crystals to ease tensions, improve communication, extend understanding to the other person, and boost relationships.

How Do Crystals Help Resolve Family Conflicts?

Psychic, healer, and crystal expert Judy Hall (author of the book The Crystal Bible ) says that crystals possess healing energies that restore harmony in the spirit, mind, body, and the surroundings.

And when all these areas are balanced, you develop thoughts, emotions, and actions that promote the greater good of the other person. This allows you to relate and interact with everyone around you better, resulting in healthy relationships.

Family conflict.png

Healing crystals are particularly useful in tackling these issues:

1. Fights and arguments - Sometimes, arguments erupt in the middle of a conversation and this can stir up emotions and cause the slinging of hurtful words. The use of crystals can help balance your emotions and calm your heart.

Crystals also serve as a visual reminder for you to take stock of what you're feeling and to be mindful of your words when you're caught up in an argument.

2. Scarred or broken relationships - Has someone in your family shut you out? Estranged from a sibling for the longest time? Or are you having a hard time touching base with a relative? These situations can be bothersome to the heart and mind.

To bring back your peace, wear, carry, or place crystals in your home. Rose quartz and moonstone are believed to comfort people troubled by emotional hurt from fights and disagreements. These stones also promote compassion and empathy, paving the way for forgiveness and reconciliation.

3. Difficulty letting go of past hurts and mistakes - We've all been at the receiving end of hurtful words and actions by a family member. Perhaps someone said terrible things to you which bruised your self-confidence and you're still holding on to that pain. Or maybe someone abandoned or maligned you in the past, causing you to lose trust in people.

If these experiences continue to haunt you in the present, consider tapping into the energies of crystals to start your healing process. Crystals like smoky quartz and aquamarine are known to relieve anger, fear, and hatred caused by emotional trauma.

They also help in enabling the mind and heart to let go and look at past experiences with acceptance.

Crystals to Use for Family Healing and Restoration

Navigating family-related issues can prove challenging. No matter the factors that contribute to these issues (i.e., clashing personalities, health concerns, legal matters, etc.), it's important for families to face these struggles and sort them out to live a happy and peaceful life.

The following crystals have been used for thousands of years for healing, restoration, and harmony. You can also use these crystals to create a loving and caring atmosphere in your household.

1. Rose quartz

Rose quartz healing benefits.png

This pale to hot pink variety of quartz is often used to promote healing and unity in the family. And as a stone of unconditional love, it melts away negativity that's causing division among family members and instead releases a positive and nurturing energy.

Create a rose quartz crystal grid at home to create a power centre of healing and harmony. Or better yet gift a rose quartz crystal to a family member who's struggling with emotional pain. This kind gesture will remind them that they're loved and accepted at all times.

2. Clear quartz

clear quartz properties

Another stone that takes away negativity from people and spaces is clear quartz. Rich in healing energy, clear quartz extracts negativity, ill will, and unproductive thoughts from the mind to bring clarity. The crystal also maintains harmony in your house.

3. Moonstone

What are the healing properties of moonstone.png

As calming and soothing as the heavenly body it represents, moonstone stabilizes the emotions. It's essentially helpful in pacifying intense feelings during stressful and emotionally charged situations. Meditating with it and holding it over your solar plexus (in the middle of your abdomen) helps remove unhealthy emotional patterns.

4. Rhodonite

Rhodonite for healing.png

We're all flawed human beings. Our families won't always meet our expectations no matter how justified they may be, and that's normal. But if this is causing you to be disappointed and if it's becoming a trigger for frequent quarrels, then it's about time you address it in a civil and healthy manner.

When you're disappointed in your parent/s, spouse, sibling, or any other family member, use a rhodonite during prayer and meditation. Pray over them with the stone, asking the Divine to help you give and receive forgiveness to this family member. Offer love and light to them to stimulate healing and improvement in your relationship.

5. Mookaite


For families worn down by generational trauma, using mookaite might help break the cycle. As a nurturing stone, mookaite brings about change and transformation. It frees people from oppressive beliefs and negative mindsets that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Mookaite provides wisdom to families to help them get to the bottom of the persisting issues in their lives and to resolve them. The strong grounding energies of mookaite will help bind the families together as they confront their deep-seated issues.

6. Pink calcite

Pink calcite.png

Do you feel that empathy is lacking in your family? According to Very Well Mind, empathy is the ability to understand what the other person is experiencing. It is a vital ingredient in building relationships.

Some signs of a lack of empathy are being extremely critical of people, victim blaming, inability to listen to others' opinion or perspectives, and a lack of patience for other people's emotional reactions. If left unaddressed, this can lead to poor communication, lack of helping behaviours, and eventually, relationship problems.

If you or your family is struggling with showing empathy, using a pink calcite might help. It can increase compassion towards others and even build self-esteem and self-confidence. As a result, you'll be more loving and sensitive to the needs of others. (If a lack of empathy is driven by factors like loss or emotional trauma, don't hesitate to seek the help of a therapist.)

Other Ways to Incorporate Crystals to Your Family Healing Journey

Family bonding.png

In case your family does not share in your belief in New Age practices like crystal healing know that there are other avenues you can explore to make your healing journey a collective effort.

Below are some techniques:

1. Give them a piece of crystal jewellery, accessory or decor.

Crystals are beautiful and a real treat to the eyes. For sure, no one can resist their charm especially if you offer them as gifts. And you don't need any significant occasion to give someone a crystal ” every day is a perfect day to receive a meaningful gift.

Consider giving a family member a bracelet, pendant, or necklace with the crystal appropriate for the kind of healing you desire.

2. Take a leisurely walk (while carrying your crystals of choice).

Does your loved one fancy taking a walk? This is undoubtedly a great exercise and also a time to bond with your family.

Carry or put a grounding stone in your pocket to maximize this time for healing and being one with nature. Some stones you can work with are clear quartz, rose quartz and pink calcite.

3. Affirm each other.

And if they're not completely sold out to using crystals to initiate healing, you can always have a chat and check in with them.

Make sure to have a positive conversation with them. That is, sharing with one another the things that you're thankful for and the wonderful memories you cherish.

Speak positive affirmations to one another and remind each other of your strengths. End it with encouragement and appreciation of each other.


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