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What Your Aura Colour Tells About Your Life and Personality

What Your Aura Colour Tells About Your Life and Personality

An aura refers to the unseen spiritual energy field around all living things (humans, animals, and plants).

Others describe it as an electromagnetic energy that radiates at a low level. An aura has layers of different colours that reflect one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

While auras are expressed in a spectrum of colours, they're not always visible to the naked eye. But we can feel them. Ever met someone who gives off a warm and friendly vibe? Or a person who makes you feel uneasy when they enter the room?

That's aura in action. Even without getting a word out, you can sense someone's inner state in the same way they can sense yours.

There are no scientific studies that prove that auras exist. Although many cultures and philosophies believe they are real. Some wellness experts like Celeste McMillian believe that based on quantum physics, auric energies are produced by tightly packed atoms in living things that vibrate together.

In other words, all things possess energy that is sent out and received by others. Humans might have more complex auras than animals and plants since we are more evolved than other life forms.

What Are the 7 Layers of an Aura?

An aura has seven layers, according to the Vedas (a large body of religions Hindu scriptures). Each layer represents a chakra and an element of a person's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states.

Combined, these 7 layers are said to shape your health and well-being.

  • Physical - The layer that represents our physical health. The physical plane is also connected to our 5 senses.
  • Astral - Represents our emotions and our ability to give and receive love. This plane shows what you feel at the moment and changes its colour depending on your mood. It will appear pale or smudged if you're emotionally unwell.
  • Lower mental - The third layer going outside the body which represents your thoughts, logic, and reason. Your lower mental aura place supplies the energy you need to work, study, focus, and live out your values and beliefs.
  • Higher mental - This layer signifies your psychic abilities. When your higher mental plane is clear, you're able to tap into people's energy and care for yourself and others.
  • Spiritual - This layer allows you to engage and share with others spiritually.
  • Intuitional - Going outwards, the intuitional plane stores your dreams and intuition. It also refers to enlightenment. People with a strong celestial aura score higher on creativity.
  • Absolute - The last aura plane, it binds together all the other auric layers in harmony to direct you on your spiritual path.

What Are The Various Colours of an Aura?

Each aura layer has a different colour. Aura readers believe that these colours serve as a barometer which reveals a person's energy state at a given moment.

Below are the aura colours and their meanings:

  • Red - Strong-willed, energetic, well-grounded
  • Yellow - Friendly, relaxed, creative
  • Orange - Adventurous, considerate, thoughtful
  • Blue - Intuitive, freethinker, spiritual
  • Green - Social, nurturing, good communicator
  • Violet - Intellectual, wise, independent
  • Indigo - Gentle, curious, spiritual

Most of us will have a one-colour aura. But some people's auras have a combination of these colours (in some rare cases a rainbow). This can mean a blend of personality traits. If your aura is green and yellow, you're likely friendly and easily relate well with others.

The opacity of each colour also indicates the intensity of your energy state.

For instance, a bright astral layer may mean you are feeling happy or well-rested. Otherwise, if you're upset, stressed out, or lacking sleep, the colour of your astral layer may turn out muddy, neon-y, or washed out.

And since our moods and energy levels change constantly, colours may also change. Also, your emotions and current situation can influence your aura. So if your aura is vivid or dull-coloured today, it won't stay that way for long.

How Do Auric Colours Relate to the Chakras?

All the layers of your aura are directly related to your chakras (the energy centres in the body). During an aura reading, some layers or chakras may appear dominant, while others may be less pronounced or hardly seen.

Here are the different layers and the colours they represent:

Each colour reveals the health of your chakra. For example, blue is related to the throat chakra, the energy centre that guides communication, truth, and expression. If the blue in your aura looks bright and clear, this is an indication that your throat chakra is balanced and energy is flowing smoothly through it.


How Can I See My Own Aura?

The easiest and most creative way to see your aura is via aura photography. Now an emerging trend on social media, aura photography (or aura imaging) is a method of capturing auras and turning them into a tangible art form you can keep forever.

Using a special aura camera, 2 hand plates, a dark background, and a dark space to shoot in, an aura photographer records and displays the electromagnetic energy that comes off your body.

The result is a gorgeous portrait of you with colourful, psychedelic clouds of colours surrounding your face/body and bathing you in a mystic-looking light.

Once done, the aura photographer/reader interprets the meaning of the colours visible in your portrait. The photographer then explains the opacity and the placements of each colour as they relate to your energy state at the moment.

What Is Aura Cleansing?

Our auras consist of energies that we've picked up from people, places, and situations. And often, these energies can decrease our vibrations or make us feel less attuned to ourselves.

This is where aura cleansing is needed. The practice involves removing stagnant energies and emotional blockages that can affect our well-being in the long run.

Here are some techniques to clear bad jujus from your system according to Healthline:

  • Meditate. - Wellness experts say that focusing on your mental and emotional health daily can help make your aura more radiant.
  • Try smoke cleansing. - Burn aromatic herbs like white sage, lemongrass, and lavender to rid your space of negativity.
  • Say positive affirmations to yourself daily. When meditating, whisper or say out loud positive affirmations like, I am strong, I am powerful, or I am successful to drive away negative energy. Focus on optimistic ideas.
  • Visualize. Another way to clear your aura is by imagining yourself inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative light to breathe out dark spots in your auric layers.

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