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Demotivated? Your Root Chakra May Be Blocked. Here’s How to Heal It

Demotivated? Your Root Chakra May Be Blocked. Here’s How to Heal It

Are you feeling out of sorts lately? You snap at people at the slightest mistake they make. Minor inconveniences (e.g., getting stuck in traffic or your food taking too long to arrive) irritate the hell out of you. Or maybe you've been feeling lethargic and the things you usually enjoy don't excite you anymore.

Some would chalk these up to just having a bad day. But in the world of alternative healing, these symptoms point to one thing: your root chakra is blocked/unbalanced.

The impatience, restlessness, anxiety, negative thought patterns, and all the feelings that make you feel less like yourself are a sign that energy is not flowing smoothly through your first chakra. Therefore, it needs healing.

But what is the root chakra anyway? How do you heal it to keep your mental and physical health in top shape?

What Is the Root Chakra?

According to the religious tradition of India, every person has an energy system called the chakras. These are spinning vortices of energy that govern our physical and mental health, intellect, self-expression, and our worldview.

The 7 chakras run from the base of the spine to the top or crown of the head (although there's no scientific evidence that confirms their existence).

The root chakra is the first of these energy centres. It's also called the base chakra. In Sanskrit, it is known as muladhara, a compound word meaning root (mula) and support (adhara). The root chakra is believed to be located on the perineum, the spot between the anus and genitals.

So, what is the function of the root chakra?

It is said to generate the energy we need to accomplish physical achievements and to live our daily lives, according to Dirish Shaktidas, a chakra healer and yoga teacher. In other words, it is the driving force behind our physical energy. The root chakra is represented by the colour red.

Highlighting the importance of the root chakra, Satin Crystals says that the root chakra is where our connection to the earth begins. It holds the connections we've formed with nature and the people around us since we were born.

The root chakra is also important because it shapes our feelings of safety, security, groundedness, instincts, and the will to live. It also nurtures our connection to humans, animals, and plants.


Why Is It Important to Have a Balanced Root Chakra?

When your root chakra is balanced, you are grounded to your inner strength and to the present. You are energetic, self-confident, calm, and ready for anything life throws at you.

At a time where your personal life and the affairs of the world can zap out your joy and peace, it's necessary to stay centred and grounded.

A healthy root chakra is associated with:

  • Emotional stability and security
  • Optimism
  • Feeling grounded to self and with others
  • Open mindedness
  • The ability to care for yourself
  • A sense of acceptance of self and belonging
  • Focus and concentration
  • The ability to be present in the moment
  • Dependability and trustworthiness
  • The will to live

On the contrary, when the root chakra is imbalanced, the energy flow is obstructed. This can result in anxiety, fear, confusion, discontent, and a feeling of being disconnected to your true self.

One of the factors that may throw off the balance of the root chakra is a dysfunctional home. Satin Crystals says that if you grew up in an abusive home as a child, you feel abandoned and traumatized. Traumas like this can cause your root chakra to become unstable.

According to Healthline, other health issues that can result from a imbalanced root chakra are:


  • Weight gain/loss
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation and bowel issues
  • Low immunity
  • Problems in the lower body (lower back, legs, knees, and feet)


  • Lack of motivation
  • Depression
  • Erratic behaviour
  • Negativity and cynicism
  • Feeling dissociated
  • Living in survival mode


  • Existential dread/crisis of faith
  • Inability to trust in the Earth and the universe to provide for you
  • Doubt about your place in the universe

The root chakra teaches us to take good care of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. While crystals may help with healing your chakras, it shouldn't replace medical advice and evidence-based treatment. don't hesitate to get professional help if you feel unwell in any of these areas.

There are many ways to heal, activate, and balance your root chakra. One of the most sought-after remedies is healing crystals.


Heal Your Root Chakra Using Crystals

Crystals are great tools for preserving the health of all your chakras. Various rocks, minerals, and gemstones support the root chakra since they come from the Earth. Thus, a powerful aid in promoting grounding.

The root chakra is strongly related to the colour red, but it's also associated with dark Earth colours like brown, black, and gray.

When choosing crystals to heal your root chakra, pick those that have these colours. These crystals supply grounding energy through the feet.

8 Crystals for Root Chakra Healing

Satin Crystals recommend working with the following stones for healing your root chakra (if you're new to crystal healing, it may be best to see an experienced crystal healer to assist your with the process):

  1. Cuprite - With its fiery red colour, cuprite boosts your will to live and thrive. Choose cuprite when you're low on energy, feeling less enthusiastic, or depressed. The dense vibrations of cuprite will fill you with fresh new zest for life.

  2. Hematite - like a magnet, the mineral hematite pulls your energies and reconnects you with reality. The energy of hematite brings renewed safety and security, balancing your root chakra.

  3. Obsidian - Want to get rid of unwanted energies from your life? Use an obsidian stone. It will grant you the strength and courage to release distractions, past traumas, and unresolved issues. Obsidian is your go-to stone when you want to live in the present free from any baggage from the past.

  4. Jasper - As a nurturing stone, jasper will lend you emotional support amid illnesses and stressful situations. It will also protect your aura from negative energies so you can remain undaunted in the face of challenges.

  5. Garnet - Red garnet is another grounding stone that represents strength, healing, and regeneration. Use this stone when you're experiencing grief and melancholy. Red garnet reinvigorates passion, energy, and emotional stability in people going through depression.

  6. Moqui marble - This chocolate-coloured rock is best for releasing emotional trauma and warding off evil spirits. The earth energy of moqui marbles are so rich and strong that you'll feel them the instant you meditate with them.

  7. Smoky quartz - This ultimate healing crystal balances your yin and yang energies. These energies are necessary for your root chakra to thrive. Additionally, smoky quartz reduces anger and other overpowering emotions, promoting emotional stability.

  8. Petrified wood - It is a natural wood that transformed into stone after thousands or millions of years of permineralization. Meditating with petrified wood can help you work through and address deep-seated traumas affecting your psyche and emotions.


How to Use Crystals for Root Chakra Healing

Here are some tips on how to incorporate the healing powers of root chakra crystals in your life:

  • Tumbled stones, raw/polished crystals - Lie face down and place the crystals at the base of your spine.
  • Massage wands - Massage the base of your spine.
  • Crystal eggs - Hold an egg in each hand. Visualize your root chakra opening.
  • Assorted crystals - Form a crystal grid and lie inside it so that you are surrounded by root chakra crystals.

When you're doing any of these, visualize yourself taking root into the core of the earth (imagine yourself like a tree growing sturdily).

Then paint an image of a ball of red light in your mind (this is your root chakra). Imagine the light getting bigger and stronger as your crystals fill your root chakra with strength.

You can also recite out loud some positive affirmations that help with cleansing your chakra, such as:

  • I am safe.
  • I am secure.
  • I am at peace with the present moment.
  • I am at home in my body.
  • The earth supports and nourishes me.

Final Word

The root chakra is the hotspot of grounding energy of the chakra system. When it's thrown off balance, the rest of the chakras will be out of balance as well. Being the foundational chakra, the root chakra should be the first energy centre to work on before healing the others.

If you need help with choosing the right chakra crystals to work with, reach out to the crystal experts at Stonebridge Imports. We offer a diverse range of crystal options you can use for your chakra work. Discover your choices today!


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