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Printable Stone Meaning Cards for Your Customers!

Printable Stone Meaning Cards for Your Customers!

There are countless varieties of stones, each with its own unique set of characteristics. We're not talking about just a few or a handful, but tens of thousands, ranging from common rocks to exotic gemstones. Each of these stones, in their raw or refined form, possesses a set of gemological properties that define their physical attributes such as color, hardness, crystal structure, luster, and more.

Beyond their tangible attributes, stones and crystals are often associated with metaphysical properties. These are characteristics tied to the unseen world of energy and spirit, believed to influence different aspects of our lives, like health, relationships, and personal growth. People throughout history and across cultures have attributed these properties to stones, utilizing them for healing, protection, manifestation, and more.

With such a wide array of stones, each carrying an extensive list of both gemological and metaphysical properties, the realm of stones can be overwhelming. Information about any given stone is unique and plentiful. Knowing the origins, histories, and properties of every stone is a monumental task, not to mention time-consuming. Whether you're a geologist, a gemologist, a metaphysical practitioner, or just a stone enthusiast, remembering all these details on the fly is near to impossible.

Acknowledging this challenge, we've come up with a solution that simplifies the process and saves you time: Stone Meaning Cards.

Like a crystal cheat sheet that you can always have at hand. It provides concise yet comprehensive information about each stone. From its geological properties and origins to its metaphysical meanings, everything you need to know is captured in a simple card. You no longer have to scour the internet every time you need to recall what a stone signifies or does.

These cards are perfect for crystal collectors, jewelry makers, spiritual practitioners, or anyone interested in the fascinating world of stones. And not only are they a practical tool, but they also make learning about stones fun and accessible. With the Stone Meaning Card, you can easily navigate the exciting, complex world of stones and crystals, enriching your knowledge and understanding at your own pace.

What is on the card?

Meet our lineup of Stone Meaning Cards! They're not entirely a new invention and many other stores already have them. Although ours are freshly updated, redesigned, and FREE to use (no sign-ups required to download them).

Think of them as Nutritional Facts labels, so customers could instantly know what they're getting from the stone they're buying!

Access over 200 meaning cards featuring 200 different stones. Each card contains all the important details your customers need to know about their gemstone:

  • Physical properties (colour, hardness rating, lustre, etc.)
  • History
  • Gemological information
  • Metaphysical benefits
  • Astrological signs

There are 8 cards (arranged alphabetically) for each stone laid out in 1 sheet. The sheets are in PDF format which you can download to your device in just a click. Print the sheet, cut the cards, and give them to your customers.

Also, the sheets don't have the Stonebridge logo plastered on them. So feel free to use and distribute them in any way you like.

We're still building our stone meanings library at the moment. If you can't find on our list, send us a message and we'll create the cards for you.

Check out our Stone Meaning Library to print the cards you need today!