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What Is Vanadinite?

What Is Vanadinite?

With a chemical composition of Pb5(VO4)3Cl, vanadinite belongs to the apatite family of minerals. It is a rare mineral composed of vanadium, oxygen, lead, and chloride. It's an essential ore of vanadium and a minor source of lead.

The Physical Properties of Vanadinite

It occurs as bright orange-red, reddish brown, or bright yellow crystals with a short tabular hexagonal shape. Vanadinite can also grow as globe-shaped crystals or as crusts on other minerals.

Vanadinite is a brittle mineral with a hardness rating of 3 to 4. It breaks easily and forms uneven/conchoidal fractures. Because of its fragile quality, it is often sold in raw form and is very rarely faceted or polished. Vanadinite crystals can be clear, translucent, or opaque.

With its bright colours, well-defined hexagonal crystals, and an extraordinary shine and brilliance, vanadinite is a prized specimen among mineral collectors.


The History of Vanadinite

The exact origin and discovery of vanadinite has yet to be determined as there are a number of individuals who claim to have ownership of it years before its official discovery in 1838.

Andrés Manuel del Río (a Spanish-Mexican scientist, naturalist, and engineer) was said to have discovered the mineral in Mexico in 1801. He called it brown lead which he believed consisted of a new element.

Then in 1838, German mineralogist Franz von Kobell officially documented the mineral and proved that the element within was vanadium. Vanadium had already been discovered at the time. von Kobell then named the brown lead vanadinite due to its vanadium content.

Vanadinite forms in places where lead minerals are oxidized, usually in places with a dry or barren climate. It is found in small quantities in various lead deposits found in Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Mexico, Morocco, Scotland, Tunisia, and the USA.

The Lore of Vanadinite

Vanadinite is thought to be an energizing and thought-stimulating crystal, boosting creativity and productivity. Writers use vanadinite when they have tons of stories and articles to finish because it increases energy and brain power. It is even thought to counter writer's block. Vanadinite also increases focus so you can successfully work towards your goals.


The Metaphysical Properties of Vanadinite

Vanadinite activates and energizes the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras. As you work through your desires and intentions, vanadinite will increase your motivation and determination to reach your goals.

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It's also a great crystal to work with during meditation. It opens the mind and makes it become more receptive to knowledge, wisdom, and instruction. Use vanadinite to organize your thoughts and ideas. This is most beneficial when you're setting your intentions and when connecting with the Divine.

This crystal urges you to stay in the present moment, see the goodness in people and situations, and to enjoy the journey to achieving the best version of yourself. Its rich creative energy widens your perspective on things, encourages you to think beyond established norms, and to come up with innovative solutions in approaching challenges.

Vanadinite awakens your adventurous spirit. It increases your tolerance of risks and uncertainties.

Struggling with impulse buying or overspending? Placing a piece of vanadinite in your purse or wallet may lessen your tendency for unnecessary spending. It can help you to stay within your budget. In feng shui, placing vanadinite (or other brown or green crystals) in the wealth/prosperity corner of your house may help you develop wise spending habits.

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