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Since 2002, we've been sharing the beauty of gemstones across Canada, expanding to online wholesale, as well as creating a 7,000 sqft. repository of gems for local Ontario residents and visitors.

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Save your customers the hassle of conducting their own research. These cards are unbranded, and free to distribute. Support your customers' journey into the captivating world of crystals.

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Need more content for your social media, client interactions, or to sell in-store? Get these guidebooks about the essentials of Tarot, Numerology, Meditation, Astrology, Palmistry, Reiki, Shadow Work & more. With editable files, you can effortlessly rebrand these eBooks to align with your brand.

Brazilian Miners

About The Miners

Our Commitment to ethical practices

We proudly support small-scale mines globally, building trust with suppliers in Brazil, Australia, Mexico, India, Madagascar, and Pakistan for decades.

From miners to cashier, each person in the Stonebridge family is fairly compensated. It’s the reason we’re proud to be here!

The Stonebridge Imports team

Meet the Stonebridge Team

We’re proud of our team who makes Stonebridge Imports happen. Meet the people who get your stones to you!

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The Best Healing Crystals for ADHD: Natural Healing and Focus

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Exploring Runes: Ancient Symbols for Modern Divination and Spiritual Guidance

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