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What Is Red Malachite?

What Is Red Malachite?

Red malachite (also known as red peacock stone) is a stone used for invoking peace and protection. This reddish to brown-orange stone is packed with protective energy that guards your aura from negative vibrations caused by stress, anxiety, sickness, and exhaustion. It's also a powerful meditation stone that grounds you back to the Earth's energy.

Find out more about what makes red malachite a stone worth having in your collection!

The Physical Properties of Red Malachite

While it's called a malachite, red malachite is actually a red variety of jasper with malachite-like banded patterns. It may have similar features to the natural green malachite but red malachite is a jasper belonging to the chalcedony family.

This stone has rich and warm reddish colours with brown and orange tones. These colours are imparted by the stone's iron content. Red malachite bands are white to tan which can be speckled or cloudy.

With a hardness rating of 3 to 3.5, red malachite is a soft stone that scratches easily. It's only applicable in jewellery designs that don't require a lot of impact to make such as necklaces and earrings.

Store your red malachite jewellery, beads, or tumbled stones in a separate container away from harder stones and metal settings.

To clean it, use warm, soapy water and a fibre cloth. Avoid using harsh cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, and steam/boiling methods to protect your stone from damage.


The History of Red Malachite

Since ancient times, green malachite has been used in Egyptian statues and amulets. The stone is also used to adorn the headdresses of pharaohs and as a colouring agent for cosmetics.

Egyptians also use many types of jasper as amulets. Jasper is considered as a symbol of power, abundance, and status. Ancient Egyptians used jasper as a jewelry material while the Minoans used jasper to make seals.

Red malachite can be found in China and Mexico.

The Lore of Red Malachite

It is believed that red malachite was the material used to build the oval dome of the lost city Atlantis. This dome was used for healing purposes. Red malachite was said to have purifying energies that healed those who touched the dome.

The Aztecs used red malachite to build their temples and gateways. The ancient nomadic tribe revered the stone and believed it was consecrated for sacred purposes. Red malachite was also used then to align the body with the Higher Self.

The Metaphysical Properties of Red Malachite

Red malachite is a symbol of courage, passion, and blazing energy. It imparts encouragement to people wearing or meditating with this stone.

And like all banded jaspers, red malachite is a powerful grounding stone meaning it connects you to the Earth's energy. As a result, red malachite will help relieve your stress, anxiety, and pain. It can also lift your mood.

This stone is associated with the root chakra, the first of the 7 energy centres of the body found at the base of your spine.

When you're feeling demotivated, always cranky, impatient, or lethargic, it's likely that your root chakra is unbalanced. Use red malachite to cleanse your root chakra and bring it back to harmony.

Use a red malachite tumbled stone or any other form and do the following:

  • Lie face down and place the crystal at the base of your spine.
  • Visualize yourself growing roots into the Earth, like a tree growing.
  • Picture out an image of a red ball of light (your root chakra). Imagine the light getting bigger and stronger as the red malachite fuels your root chakra with strength.
  • Recite positive affirmations like, I am at home in my body, The earth supports and nourishes me, or I am at peace with the present moment.

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