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How Do I Select the Best Healing Crystal?

How Do I Select the Best Healing Crystal?

Some people struggle emotionally, while others have physical illnesses or ailments that require powerful healing. Others are in pursuit of spiritual connection and a sense of peace and calm, while some want to boost their creativity. All these are excellent reasons to turn to the healing power of crystals and begin your crystal journey.

The perfect crystal is out there for you, and it’s not the first shiny one you lay your eyes on. For a healing crystal to work, you need to get the one that’s good for your situation. When you identify the reason why you need a crystal, you can narrow down your options by exploring the unique properties of the different types of crystals.

Stonebridge Imports is here to help you navigate the experience of selecting the best healing crystal. When it comes time to choose the crystal that is right for you, quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice. Trust that the right crystal chooses you. If you find yourself drawn to a specific crystal, your subconscious or Higher Self is telling you what you need. Let your intuition guide you. Look at the crystal, hold it, feel it, and pay attention to any sensations.

In this guide to crystal healing, we talk about how particular crystals are ideal for specific ailments. Therefore, the right crystal for you depends on the type of healing you seek.

Crystals for Physical Healing

When selecting the right crystal for you and your physical wellbeing, you must first think about what is ailing you at the moment. The common conditions people seek relief from are insomnia, pain, headaches, and gastrointestinal issues. Here are some specific crystals to consider for your physical healing journey:

Lapis Lazuli. This healing stone releases blockages of pain and calms the nervous system. By easing the other side effects that come with headaches and balancing the Third Eye Chakra, it can offer excellent headache relief.

Lepidolite. Lepidolite encourages calming energy and relieves stress to help you sleep at night. Get a Lepidolite and tuck it under your pillow for a feeling of peace and calm in addition to a good night’s sleep.

Citrine. Very helpful in helping alleviate digestive ailments and detoxifying the body. Citrine helps ease your gastrointestinal distress, so it’s particularly effective for nausea.

Malachite. Malachite is useful for treating chronic pain from illness as it helps to detoxify your system and transform your energy. It will boost your immune system and work as an excellent aid for pain relief.

Hematite. Hematite induces better blood flow and corresponds to your nerve cells, allowing for pain relief. For iron deficiencies and chronic pain, you can choose iron-rich Hematite.

Emerald. Emerald helps boost the immune system and helps reduce inflammation. Green Calcite is also great for reducing inflammation stemming from arthritis.

Moonstone. Assists with fertility issues (like pregnancy, conception, PMS, and menstrual cramps) and eases hormonal imbalances. It also helps with digestive system issues.

Garnet. Works for overall digestive discomfort, easing gastrointestinal ailments, and promoting balance. For digestive relief, you can also try Golden Tiger’s Eye - it helps to create stomach-related energetic harmony because it works well with the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Crystals for Emotional Healing

Are you experiencing any problems that may be interfering with your emotional wellbeing and personal growth? Think about that because we often find that anger, anxiety, or stress prevent us from being balanced and moving forward on our spiritual healing journey.

Rose quartz. This is the stone of self-love and love in general. Since it is a gentle and compassionate (but very effective) emotional healing crystal, it’s a great crystal for working through issues of anger and forgiveness. Rhodochrosite is another great option for soothing emotions because it has healing properties similar to Rose Quartz crystal.

Smokey Quartz. This crystal aids with anger, negativity, and other emotional blockages. It’s connected to the Root Chakra, and is capable of absorbing negative energy and giving it to the earth. The Smokey Quartz crystal eases burdens and anxiety, helping us overcome feelings of despair and grief. If you’re struggling with depression or sadness, Apache Tears is also the right choice.

Black Tourmaline. The crystal that absorbs negative energies, especially feelings of fear, worry, and anxiety. It can help one notice the positive aspects of any situation and promote emotional healing.

Peridot. Connected to the Heart Chakra, the Peridot crystal is excellent for jealousy and anger issues. It also helps one gain appreciation and gratitude for everything they do have.

Angelite. Excellent for dispelling worry and anxiety, Angelite offers support and comfort by helping you work through feelings of fear.

Blue Kyanite. A soothing blue crystal, it helps to keep us calm and grounded, easing anxiety and stress and helping us feel empowered. Blue Kyanite is great when working with any of the seven Chakras.

Red Jasper. Red Jasper can boost your energy and vitality to help whenever you find yourself lacking energy and passion. It reignites your desires by stimulating your creativity. To feel reinvigorated, Carnelian would also be the right choice for you.

Blue Lace Agate. A highly-vibrational crystal that calms and neutralizes aggression and anger, allowing for a more soothing temperament.

Crystals for Spiritual Healing

If you have embarked on a spiritual journey and are looking for ways to heal yourself by deepening your spiritual connections, several crystals will fit your needs.

Celestiteor Celestine. A stone of divinity, Celestite helps to amplify your spiritual connection and increase your natural intuition. It helps to connect with Divine Guidance and balances the Crown Chakra.

Desert Rose. To be able to fall deeper into meditation and get an insight into your past lives, Desert Rose can contribute by helping quiet the mind. It is a stone of spiritual connection that helps to provide a deeper understanding of the Divine.

Amethyst. Known to enhance psychic abilities and intuition as well as calm the mind, Amethyst is a great meditative aid. It is excellent for connecting the health of our Spirit and connecting with it and works well with the Third Eye Chakra.

Fluorite. Fluorite is one of the best crystals for protection. It is a crystal of high vibration that protects your Aura and heightens your psychic connection and intuition.

Black Obsidian. This crystal is here to remind us that everyone has their light and dark side. It is a protection stone that helps identify your dark side and clear it away from your psyche. Black Obsidian removes the negativity, helps expose your inner truth, and shows the path towards love and light.

Selenite. Selenite aids in a deeper spiritual connection because it raises your level of consciousness. It connects you to the Infinite (including your own intuition and Spirit Guides).

Known as the Master Healer, Clear Quartz is very high in vibration and is the most versatile and powerful of all healing crystals in the mineral kingdom. The basic structure of Quartz crystals consists of spiraling chains of tetrahedrons. These are connected to form a framework of interlocking tetrahedral helixes. In Sacred Geometry, the tetrahedron is the most fundamental of all Platonic solids. It is considered to be the three-dimensional manifestation of the Spirit (or the five elements found in nature – earth, air, water, fire, and ether).

How to Know that I Have Found the Right Crystal?

When you hold specific crystals or look at an image of crystals and minerals, see if any demand your attention. Try and feel the energy that they emit. Do you feel any physical sensations, such as tingling or heat? Do you experience any positive emotions?

If you don’t sense anything, close your eyes. Hold the crystal in your hand and quiet your mind. Does it fill you with a sense of positive possibilities or excitement? Does it give you a sense of inner knowing and calm? Trust that the perfect crystal for you will speak to you.

Remember that crystals hold healing energies and vibrations for all of our different intentions and needs. Regardless of the kind of healing you are seeking, the right crystal is waiting for you somewhere out there.